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Content Marketing – the new face of Digital Strategy

Content is everywhere. The internet is filled with more information than you could imagine 20 years before. With the advent of crawlers, advanced algorithms, and search databases it has become more apparent now to have content designed to the needs of your audience and to be specific to the target consumers of your content. This itself is a paradigm shift where you want to customize and tailor your words to meet the parameters of search engines.

Choose your words wisely is an old aphorism, yet more pertinent to the changing trends. Whether you are talking about engineering designs, FMCG products, ecommerce, medical technology or just about anything it matters to your audience how you are disseminating the information and how useful it is for your audience. Just like any product with a value addition service your content marketing strategy needs to have that add-on value addition to make your content strong, visible, and making a mark in the minds of your audience.

Here are some tips to make your content strategy work for you:

Identify the target!

Who are your customers? What do they like? What is their age group? Are they tech savvy or not?

Yes, you read it right – a content person must know these marketing nitty-gritties to catch the pulse of the readers. It is just not about how knowledgeable you are or how much effort is gone into the writing process, but it is always important to structure your content to hold the attention of your audience for a considerable time. Identify and cater too your niche audience.

Build a storyline!

Everyone has a story to tell some without words and some with a beautiful painting or just plain expression. Before you get to your core subject build a good story line for your audience. Just like a suspense movie always keep the tone and momentum of your article leading to a specific conclusion in the end. Provide leaders to different links or parts of your previous articles or external links where readers can find more information which you may no be able to enumerate in your current focus.

Add Pictures!

A picture speaks more words than you can imagine. When you would want to condense your information, provide deeps stats, show numbers and data it is always best to have it in a nice infographic or charts – which will give a sense of what you are trying to communicate to your audience.

Personalize your content!

Yes, it is always good to relate to your target audience – by providing useful information where your audience feel that what you are trying to convey is genuine, original and in many ways useful in their daily routine the probability of reading your content and revisiting to what you are offering new will become more and more.

Keep it simple and add Calls-to-Action!

Your content should be simple and must not involve complex jargons that can confuse your readers. Make sure the flow of your text has proper connections and reference to your earlier content. Do not lead your readers into the blind alley! Always add relevant calls-to-action at proper junctures so that you can get more useful information about what your audience really need.

Add authentic reference!

It is always important to provide correct links and information for your readers so that they trust your content and by providing credible references they will find your content research original and would even revisit your website or blog thus making your content a strong competition among the rest in the web sphere.

Get feedbacks and comments!

Always ask for your audience to provide you with the comments and feedbacks. Good comments and feedbacks allow you to keep learning and understand the trends and can help you improvise content much suited for your audience and readers.

Conclude Well!

Always leave a good message for your audience and a good tip or a great takeaway that makes your article carry good weightage both in terms of value and content. Remember, what begins well must also conclude well.

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